• The VA Matchmaker

    Finding your dream team for you!


    Working with clients
    Hosting retreats, workshops, VIP days
    Speaking at conferences
    Writing that book
    Developing new programs and courses


    We both know it’s your not-so-secret desire to hire a team to take care of the day-to-day management. It would be incredible to focus on your zone of genius to launch your business to the next level!


    I created this business as a response to the growing needs of my amazing clients. So many of them needed ever-expanding help as their businesses grew. They needed help figuring out their marketing plan and executing it. They needed help developing an online storefront, and managing it. They needed help creating client intake systems that worked, and then implementing them.


    They needed strategy, writing, design, and full-service online support. So I created a network of the best in the business to make all of that happen!


    I'll help you take your business from hectic to heavenly.
    Because every successful business needs a dream team.

  • How It Works


    Schedule a call with Shannon to chat about your needs


    Get matched with your perfect team member


    Make business magic!

    90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    I want to make sure you're thrilled with the person you hired. You have 90 days to make sure they're the right fit - it not, no worries! I'll keep working with you until we find the right one!

  • Meet Your Matchmaker!

    Shannon Davis

    Digital Recruiter for
    Rockstar Entrepreneurs

    I took my business management skills to the online world in early 2013 and went from zero clients to fully booked in 6 months.


    I was overwhelmed, I was thrilled, and I was thrown firsthand into understanding the unique needs that online business owners face when things happen way faster than they ever thought possible.


    The reason I became so busy, so quickly, is because I am that good at what I do. You know as well as I do that success in business is about being the best at your zone of genius. And mine is creating the comprehensive-support visionary entrepreneurs wished they could find.


    I’m here to make sure that all of the hiring details are HANDLED so you can GROW the way you truly dream of.


  • FAQ

    How will you find my perfect match?

    Based on our conversation, I'll know exactly what it is that you need help with. I'll take your details to my network, sort through applications, interview qualified candidates and vet their experience with their references.


    You'll receive a summary of the top 2-3 candidates. We'll schedule a time for you to interview them as well then you'll hire the perfect match!


    I've never hired support before, I'm not sure what to expect.

    Not to worry! We'll discuss expectations and how to communicate with your team and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have! For an additional fee, I can also make sure your business is optimized to start bringing on team members by setting up the technology you need in place (such as a project management tool and a secure way to share passwords) and create an operations manual so that you don't have to spend as much time training! This is something that can be updated as your business changes so it can be used over and over again as your team expands.

    What type of things can a VA do?

    Every VA comes with a different set of skills. My job is to determine what skills you need and to find the perfect VA for you! That being said, sometimes the most challenging part is figuring out what to delegate. I can send you a list of the top 25 most common tasks to get your creative juices going! 


    How much does the matchmaking cost?

    It's typically a $250 deposit. I have a 90 day satisfaction guarantee once you start working with your chosen match. At the 91 day mark, the final $250 is due. I only get the final amount once you're happy with your match!

    This may be adjusted a bit depending on the team member. For example, for a copywriter it would be $250 deposit then $250 once the final copy has been delivered to you.

  • Still have questions?

    Shoot me an email below and I'll get back to you shortly!